“Casey gives a wonderful service and really listens to what’s going on with me – resulting in an outstanding massage that never fails to leave me feeling looser, relaxed, revived and ready to face whatever life is throwing at me.”

“Restored, Refreshed, Grounded”
Just some of the words used by my clients after receiving this deeply soothing treatment.


Disease or Dis-ease in the body is sadly on the rise, stress related conditions are the number 1 cause of absence from work and disconnection from our inner self creates tension and stress that can manifest as discomfort and pain, in some cases this can be so severe that it affects your quality of life. 

A Revive Holistic massage last between 1-2 hours long and is designed as a bespoke whole body treatment, a 360, an MOT if you like. I will take into account your emotional and physical wellbeing and help to sooth away those aches and pains and help you to unwind and recharge. A regular treatment schedule will help you regain a meaningful balance.

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