These are my top tips for relaxing your neck muscles and help to realign your posture.

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1. Minimise device time to avoid a hunchback 

Whatever you do to relax taking the opportunity to have a stretch and rebalance is always a winner

Minimising the amount of time you spend looking down at your phone, or other mobile device will really help improve the pain and stiffness in your neck and upper back muscles. You know that thing called muscle memory? Well it’s real and eventually your muscles will get so used to this hunched over position that they will start to lock down and could cause conditions such as neck strain & migraines. It’s easy to rectify by changing the position of the device, try bringing it up to your eye level or limit it’s use to 20minutes at a time. Let me know how you get on

2. Make some space

Make space for your lungs, all this hunching over also reduces our lung capacity thus lowering the amount of oxygen rich blood flowing around your system which then decreases the nutrients feeding your muscles.

Try sitting slightly on the edge of your chair instead of slumped back reclining, this will help to improve your posture and aid digestion.

Roll your shoulders back and forwards x6 repeat x3,

Stretch out those pecks… hands behind your head bring your elbows together then stretch them back behind your head and repeat x3, shake it off.

3.  Check in with your body  

Muscles are like sponges, at optimum levels they’re completely hydrated by the nourishing nutrient rich blood that flows through our bodies. Sitting still for too long in the same position means we squeeze out or use up all that nourishing goodness and become stiff and sore so why not check in with yourself every 30 minutes or so by performing a quick body scan.

Close your eyes and focus on your muscles, from head to toe, working your way down slowly, how does your neck, arms, back or legs feel? Stiff, tender, sore? The more you do it the easier it becomes to recognise when you’re muscles are feeling out of synch.

By increasing your daily activity by 30 minutes a day you will reenergize and increase your vitality.  Move around, have a stretch or go for a short walk.

So there you have it 3 incredibly simple tips that you can put in place right now.

Lets recap!

  • Minimise Device Time

  • Make Some Space

  • Check in with your body

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